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Why buy a new cylinder when you can save up to 50% over the cost of buying a brand new cylinder simply by repairing it? Let Kustom Kraft's experts repair your cylinder. 

Choose from several types of cylinder repair all at reasonable prices. Cylinders can be repaired by boring, welding, sleeving, replating, re-chroming, or nikasil re-coating, and for the ultimate repair, a powerful big bore kit. It's as easy as just a phone call.

Cylinder Welding

We can weld and repair damaged flanges, fittings and gasket  surfaces. Please call for prices and instructions before sending your cylinder.  888 697 4343

$ 50.00
Includes honing to finish size.
$ 65.00
Includes honing to finish size and port champhering.
$ 20.00
Hone Only All Models