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Nikasil Plating and Re-Plating

How do you know when your cylinder needs be re-Nikasiled? Some times its not that easy to tell, but
usually you can tell by looking at the cylinder walls. If you can see scratches or chips that's a sure indication
that it's time to have your cylinder re-plated. If you can't see any wear or damage that doesn't necessarily
mean your cylinder is in good condition. The inside of the cylinder has to be exactly round (to with-in specs) to perform properly.
This can only be accurately checked with a dial bore gauge. They can measure to with-in
one ten thousandths of an inch. The Nikasil plating that's on the walls of your cylinder is only a  few
thousandths of an inch thick but is very hard. It wears extremely well as long as everything is tight and
sanitary. If you maintain your engine as the factory recommends it will last for years. However we all know
how easy it is to suck it full of water or dirt or maybe run it low on oil or some other mistake you'll be needing
our service. The Nikasil plating, or coating as its sometimes refereed to, will have to be stripped and re-plated.
Niasil Plated cylinder

Nikasil Cylinder Re-Plating Prices

60cc to 85cc       Strip and Re-Plate Includes Piston Kit Wiseco or ProX **                     $319.00*
60cc to 85cc       Strip and Re-Plate Includes Piston Kit Wiseco, Wossner, or ProX **             $319.00*
100cc to 125cc     Strip and Re-Plate Includes Piston Kit Wiseco, Wossner, or ProX **            $339.00*
126cc to 250cc     Strip and Re-Plate Includes Piston Kit Wiseco, Wossner, or ProX **            $359.00*
251cc to 500cc     Strip and Re-Plate Includes Piston Kit Wiseco, Wossner, or ProX **            $399.00*
Includes One Year Limited Waranty
*European Models slightly More   ** ProX Std. compression ratio only / Wiseco add $20.00
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We can repair any Nikasil cylinder or Chrome plated cylinder. Even extremely
damaged ones. The Nikasil will be repaired by stripping all the
old plating and inspecting the casting for flaws that require welding or possibly skim
boring.It is then plated and diamond honed to original
size and fitted to a new piston. Our years of experience with cylinder rebuilding
assures you that you'll have the finest repair, better than NEW.
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